Intensive Sessions are longer in length and are ideal for individuals or couples who:

  • are looking to gain clarity about a specific challenging situation, but find it difficult to attend therapy on a regular basis

  • may not be ready to commit to traditional ongoing therapy sessions


This is a longer therapy session (90 - 120 minutes at a session rate of $500) where I like to work with a client to find out what is currently challenging them in love, work or life. We focus on a very specific challenge or two that is going on right now that is causing stress and worry. We work together to gain clarity about what you’d like to see for yourself, and put you on that path so that you can start experiencing the life you’d like to be living. 

Often times by focusing on one or two specific events that are challenging right now, the client can gain the knowledge and tools that they can easily apply to stressors that may arise in the future. This knowledge can also be applied to events from the past that might still be causing pain or discomfort. 

You’ll learn what makes worry spiral into discomfort, and how to create healthy boundaries in your life. You’ll walk away with tangible tools to counter the worry and pain you may be feeling in love, at work or with family & friends. You’ll gain clarity as to why worry or discomfort about a certain situation has taken such a hold over you, and you’ll learn more about how you can make room for more calm and peace in your life. One former client described it to me as “a much-needed reset for my mind”. 


Couples whose work schedules make it difficult to steadily attend couples therapy appointments find this option extremely convenient, and find that it has both short and long term benefits. These longer sessions (typically 3 - 3.5 hours at a cost of $950, and can be scheduled on the weekends) can be ideal for couples “on the brink” or couples where one partner is leaning in and the other seems to be leaning out.

Intensive Sessions give the couple the opportunity to move the process from discerning what has led to current challenges to a very specific method of clearly discussing each person's particular challenges and desire for growth. Put simply, the goal of this Intensive Couples Session is to create clarity, to point out what movement is needed, and provide rationale and methods for making the shift happen.

Skills that are necessary for creating movement in a relationship are provided and modeled, and specific guidance is provided for the couple toward their particular relationship challenges.

Is an intensive session the right fit for you?

I believe that everyone deserves a chance to speak to the therapist prior to booking a session so that they are confident and comfortable enough to get started. A complimentary 15-minute phone consultation gives us the opportunity to see if an Intensive Session will be the right choice for you. If at the end of the call either of us feels that an Intensive Session wouldn’t be an ideal fit for your current challenges, I’m always happy to help you decide if you would like to schedule typical therapy sessions or even help find a referral that might fit your needs a bit better. 

To book your complimentary 15-minute consultation, please reach out to me at (917) 301-1474 or click here to fill out the contact form.