My experience in dealing with these issues allows for compassionate care where a client can count on a secure place for support, understanding & growth.

  • Are you in a constant state of confusion about what is causing the stress in your intimate relationship or your relationships with family and friends?

  • Does your relationship feel "lopsided"?

  • Are you having a difficult time dealing with a breakup?

  • Have you tried couples therapy before, but don’t feel like it created the changes you’d like to see in your relationship?

  • Find out more about “Intensive” Couples Sessions

  • Are you contemplating separation or divorce?

  • Do you and your partner need help in figuring out if you are making the best decision for your relationship and/or family?

  • Are you looking to create a safe and healthy "exit strategy" from a marriage or long-term commitment?

  • Is the stress from the divorce process interfering with the way you'd like to be living your life?

  • Find out more about “Intensive” Couples Sessions

  • Are you having trouble dealing with partners, friends, co-workers, parents or in-laws who may have selfish or "narcissistic" tendencies?

  • Are you having a difficult time recovering from a past relationship that was unhealthy?

  • Have you been affected by a loved one who may be in an unhealthy relationship?

  • Find out more about “Intensive” Couples Sessions


Worry & Anxious Habits

  • Is "overthinking" or focusing on the same things over and over keeping you from leading the life you’d like to live?

  • Do you feel that certain undesirable habits might be taking a toll on your health, career or relationship?

  • Using talk therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and other techniques, we can work to reprogram your habits at a deeper level and create the change at its source: the unconscious mind.

  • Find out more about an “Intensive” Session for worry & anxious habits.

  • Is feeling insecure and out of place in social situations or dating interfering with how you'd like to be living your life?

  • Do you find yourself "overthinking" social situations?

  • Do you find that you often feel you are being negatively judged in social situations?

  • Are social interactions at work causing you distress?


Grieving the Loss of a Loved One or Relationship

  • Have you experienced a significant loss & are having a difficult time grieving?

  • Are you confused by how your relationships with friends and family might be changing after your loss?

  • Has the death of a beloved pet left you feeling that you are facing your grief completely alone?

  • Are you rethinking your social drinking habits?

  • Are you worried your social drinking might be affecting your health?

  • Is your social drinking not really working out for you anymore and you're thinking about modifying it?

  • Are you finding it difficult to get on the same page as your partner with parenting issues?

  • Are you having difficulty coming up with a co-parenting plan after a separation or divorce?

  • Are you finding it impossible to co-parent with your ex?

  • Find out more about “Intensive” Couples Sessions


Pre-Marital & Wedding Planning Stress

  • Are you newly engaged and experiencing family stressors around wedding planning?

  • Are there compatibility concerns, challenges with future in-laws, or interfaith issues?

  • Do you want to be proactive in setting and managing expectations for your long-term commitment?

Also offering “Intensive” Therapy Sessions

These sessions are longer in length and are ideal for individuals or couples who are looking to gain clarity about a specific challenging situation, but find it difficult to attend therapy on a regular basis.

Providing the option of video conferencing therapy in the convenience of one's own home or office

Ideal for expats & people on the go

Couples can work together with a therapist without having to be in the same location